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Founded in 2000, Cheers is a professional platform between foreign teachers and organization. We select and recruit only qualified foreign teachers, we provide teaching skills and training on a high level, to eventually recommend to other schools and individuals.Cheers has many great teachers resources in Shanghai. Our American branch company directly send native and qualified teachers to China, which ensures that we can continuously provide the service to schools and companies.

Our Chinese team is engaged in English business. They are familiar with the system of English schools in China. Also, they have developed a personalized studying program and finding the most suitable teachers for each school apart.

To guaranteestudent's learning effect and our attitude towards the provision of professional services to schools, Cheers has strictly select and recruit qualified foreign teachers who are with care、responsibility and experience, then we provide teaching skills and training to eventually recommend to other schools and individuals. Also, we provide TEFL courses for foreign teachers to ensure teacher's qualifications, so our teachers are able to adapt to each school、individual and company’s demand and providing students with the most satisfying learning experience.

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