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The English teacher withTEFL/TESOL certificate is recognized as an expert in the field of English teaching, and the certificate is very well known by schools and teaching institutions all around the world.

CHEERS got the authorization from TEFL Society to provide TEFL training course and to issue TEFL certificates for qualified teachers. The TEFL certificate also helps to apply for the foreign expert certificate and a work visa in China

TEFL Training Program

TEFFL, known as “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. Nowadays, TEFL Certificate is recognized and accepted all around the world. Also is one of the internationally recognized English teachers qualifications, which proves that the teacher has been WELL trained and mastered the skills of spokenlanguage and the teaching methods.

The main teaching contents of TEFL training include: language learning and teaching researches based on the class, testing and evaluation, teaching method of English as a foreign language, second language acquisition theory and computer-assisted instruction.

TESOL Training Program

TESOL known as “Teaching English to speaker of other languages”, which means to teach English as a second language in English teaching.

The TESOL interactive teaching method course enables teachers to deeply understand the English teaching theoretical basis which improves teachers the English teaching practice ability. Students can get many suggestions and strategies from the course, then trying to apply it in own classroom. Online courses are flexible, not limited by time and place, if all modules are completed then you can obtain the TESOL certificate.

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